Thursday, May 5, 2011

After Effects? Or Just AWESOME Effects

This first video is a summary of some of my work as submitted to the CS with Animation Emphasis in April.  There are two clips in it that were particle simulations done in Houdini.  The 3D Models seen I created and textured using Autodesk's Maya.

The other videos are effects that I have created in Adobe After Effects, following tutorials from, so as to be able to learn the interface of the program and become familiar with some of the effects and workflow of the program.  The last video is most recent.

Morgan Strong - Animation Application Summary from Morgan Strong on Vimeo.

Procedural Crumble - Superman from Morgan Strong on Vimeo.

Procedural Crumble - Wifi from Morgan Strong on Vimeo.

Galaxy FX from Morgan Strong on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed it thus far!  There is more to come!


  1. Good job on everything thus far. You're doing very similar things to my major, except I haven't used Maya; only 3ds Max and Mudbox.

    -Matt Nipper

  2. Thanks! I'm more involved in the technical side of things for my actual major, but I'm improving my skills in this area because I think it'll be useful in the future. Plus I really like it! lol