Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here Comes Everybody

The world turned on its head, or so you think. That's what happens when the economics of daily human interaction change. "It's all that new technology!" you say. "It changes everything!" Yes and no.

The world is an aggregate. It exists only as a result of our existence. To perceive the emergence of technology in the world as an event rather than a decision is to err. When technology catches hold, a key set of individuals must decide that such technology is in their favor. The novelty will either propagate or tumble over itself. The deciding factor? Us. We are the ones that change, and we bring technology with us.

Human interaction is at the root of it all. Everyone decides to accept the rules of social interaction or be swept up in the tide of what everyone else accepts. Technology comes with it, and enables it further.

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  1. We have made the world of technology what it is today. We are in control of what it will become.