Friday, May 13, 2011

New Illustrator Stuff

Alright!  Getting back in the saddle with some more illustrator work.

This first bit is a logo that I came up with my Sophomore year of high school.  It wasn't quite as detailed as this back then and much flatter, but I was at work yesterday and figured that I'd play around with it and came up with this!

I've messed around putting a background to it and texturing the roads in photoshop, but those aren't quite finished, so just this for now.  Who knows, I might even do an animation with it.  O_o

This other stuff I figured would be useful to practice on, since designing graphics for web pages is a big deal.  Anyway, the first that I did was following a tutorial online just to get an idea of where I should go. The next few I came up with (obviously not the apple logo itself, but you get the idea).  Just creating buttons and icons.  (I don't really like the back and forward buttons much, but I decided to put them up anyway.)

Enjoy! And comment!  Please?  I have Cake!


The Cake is a Lie.

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